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Chert News

Aim and subject
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This presentation is meant to serve several purposes.
Thus it is...
        ... to quickly spread information on more or less important observations and discoveries
            resulting from non-professional activities in palaeontology, preferably related to palaeozoic cherts,
        ... to draw the professionals' attention to the news
            with the aim to initiate closer inspection,
        ... to encourage lay fossil collectors to look for and address follies and errors
            in the established science.
Note that this presentation ...
        ... begins in an intentionally biased way, being centred around the famous Rhynie chert,
        ... is extended to fossiliferous cherts and fossil wood from a few other locations,
Also this presentation ...
        ... draws the attention to non-biological phenomena relevant to fossils, 
            as level bands, cracks, surface tension effects, mineralization sequence, etc.,
        ... introduces some physics helpful for understanding such phenomena
            and deriving useful information from them.

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